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take my plugs out for maybe two minutes and one ear decides it’ll be fun to close enough so that it’s hard and hurts to put back in. Why you do this? You’ve been at this size for like 3 years. At least.

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Paramore - I’m Not Angry Anymore 

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A heart’s a heavy burden

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Just some of the natural beauty of the Hoenn region.

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no but seriously this was my favorite part because they were able to wear dresses and be feminine and stuff and at the same time be able to kick major butt

While using their individual characteristics of their storylines as weapons

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME -  [1/10] favorite male characters: Harry Potter

Every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than what we are now, students. If they can do it, why not us?”

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Daenerys Targaryen wed Khal Drogo with fear and barbaric splendor in a field beyond the walls of Pentos, for the Dothraki believed that all things of importance in a man’s life must be done beneath the open sky.

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